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Test Driving Minivans and Minicribs

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So last Saturday morning, I found myself doing something that I never thought I would do – I went out to test-drive some minivans.  Walking out the to far reaches of parking lot where they park the minivans felt a bit like the “walk of shame” to me.  I felt like a should have on a hat pulled low over my face so that no one would see me.  I couldn’t believe that I was actually considering buying a minivan.  I always knew that eventually I would need a bigger car but I thought maybe a crossover, maybe an SUV.  .  .  The thought of driving a minivan never crossed my mind.  Minivans were something that our parents and our friends’ parents drove growing up, not something that we would be caught driving!  IMG_2701 But with the Chislets on the way, we are just a couple of months away from outgrowing just about every other option on the market.   Our Saab 9-3 SportCombi just can’t fit three cars seats in the back row.  Some of the crossovers are roomy enough on the inside for three kids, but the trunk space probably wouldn’t fit a triple stroller easily.  So, we decided to look at minivans.  .  .

To my surprise, I actually liked the Honda Odyssey.  It was spacious, easy to drive and has 17 cup holders!  I’m still not sure what I would ever need all 17 cup holders for, but maybe time will tell.  .  .

Anyway, Seth and I like the Odyssey so much that we are buying it tomorrow.    By Friday afternoon, we will be proud owners of a minivan – joining the ranks of sensible, practical parents everywhere.

Finished Crib This upcoming weekend we have another kind of “test drive” going on in our house.  Our niece Kelly is sleeping over to “test drive” the minicrib.  We want to make sure that it is big enough and comfortable enough.  Hopefully she likes it, otherwise I don’t know how we will ever fit three cribs in the nursery!  I put a new Elmo doll in the crib to help entice her into liking it – is that cheating?

IMG_4473 All test driving aside, Seth and I are both really excited about the upcoming weekend.  We can’t wait for our niece Kelly to come stay with us.  Whenever she stays with us, we have so much fun hanging out with her!  She is so cute and funny, she just melts our hearts!  We have been trying to plan a fun filled weekend for her.  Hopefully she has has much fun with us as we have with her!  (I am guessing that she will have a fun weekend since she has Uncle Seth wrapped around her little finger and can get him to do anything she wants!)