The Chislets

You and Me and the Baby makes 5!

Thirty Tiny Toes, Tickling My Tummy

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So I started feeling movement this week.  The doctors call it quickening, but I think tickling is a much more accurate term.  When the Chislets move around, it feels like little bubbles tickling the inside of my belly.  I usually feel them move a couple times a day and I tend to concentrate more on the movement, than on what I am supposed to be doing.  Thursday, while work was going on around me – I was sitting there with a silly smile on face, thinking about the babies and taking in this new feeling.  Thank goodness that I work with such nice people!  They were all just as excited as I was when I told them that I was feeling the babies moving around!

I can’t wait until I can tell which of the babies is kicking.  Right now, most of what I feel is so low that I blame it on Baby “A”.  Poor Baby “A”, not even born yet and he is already getting blamed for everything!  I am also convinced that he is the one that pushes on my bladder at 3:00 AM, making me get out of bed long before I am ready to.