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22 Weeks - Stretch Marks ?!?! Already ?!?!

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I hit the 22 week mark in my pregnancy yesterday and I found something interesting on my belly – stretch marks!  I guess that “Tummy Honey” does not work quites as well as they say it does… Oh well … I knew that these “Badges of Motherhood” were inevitable in a triplet pregnancy.  I am not so much surprised that I have developed them as I am by how early they have appeared.  I didn’t think they would show up until 30 weeks or so!

In other baby news, I am going back to the doctor on Friday for another ultrasound.  I am excited to see how much they have grown since my last appointment.  I think that it will be alot, based on how much they are moving and kicking now.  Baby C practically kicked my contraction monitor off of my belly this morning – I guess that he did not like where I placed it :-)