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24 Weeks down...12 to Go...

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IMG_1990 I hit the 24 week mark in my pregnancy today.  According to Dr. Barbara Luke in When you’re expecting Twins, Triplets, or Quads, this week marks the first “touchdown” in the football game of a multiples pregnancy.  She lists out the “touchdowns” as follows:

24 weeks - the border of viability

28 weeks - very early preterm

32 weeks - early preterm

35 weeks - preterm for multiples

36 weeks - term for triplets

I find it odd that she compares pregnancy to a football game, as many women aren’t that into football, but I personally really like the analogy.  I consider this an early first quarter touchdown.  While it is great to get those first 7 points up on the board, there is still a lot of the game left to play…

Speaking of playing games, I think that the babies have taken to playing soccer in my belly at 3:00 AM!  They are moving around so much now.  Seth has finally been able to feel them kick!  I am glad that they are getting stronger and bigger.  At my last ultrasound, they measured 1lb 6oz, 1lb 4oz, and 1lb 2oz.  Which is fantastic – average fetal weight at that time was around 1lb 2oz.  Seeing these kinds of results definitely makes it easier to keep drinking all those protein shakes!  I go back for another ultrasound on Friday and can’t wait to see how much they have grown in the two weeks since my last visit!

In other news,  I am surviving my house arrest.  The walls haven’t started closing in yet, but I think I may have hit my quota for hgtv and food network.  If anyone has any good books to recommend, please let me know!