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Our Field Trip to Labor and Delivery

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25 week bellyshotWeek 25 of my pregnancy turned out to be a pretty exciting week.  (In fact, it was quite a bit more excitement than this mom-to-be needed!)  After four weeks of having less than 4 contractions per hour, I had 13 contractions in an hour on Tuesday night.  Since this was so much more than my normal baseline, my nurse and the on-duty perinatologist recommended that I head in to the hospital.  Seth and I got to the hospital just after midnight.  By 2:00 am, the doctors were able to get the contractions stopped.  I stayed in the hospital overnight to make sure that the contractions did not start up again and to wait for the results on my fFN test.  (An fFN test looks for the presence of a protein that is usually not present until about two weeks before a women will go into labor.)  Luckily, my fFN test came back negative which means that it is highly unlikely that I will go into preterm labor in the next two weeks.  With this great news, I was released from the hospital and back home before lunch on Wednesday.

On Friday, I went back to the doctor for a quick check-up and I am happy to report that everyone is doing well!  The babies heartbeats are all within the normal ranges; they each have plenty of fluid and space around them; and mom’s body is holding up pretty well too.   I was a bit disappointed that the doctor did not do a growth scan on the babies.  I was hoping to see if they had a growth spurt this week.  (I read online that a growth spurt can be one possible cause for having episode of contractions like the ones I experienced.)  I guess that I will have to wait until my next appointment on July 3rd to see how much they have grown.  At my last appointment, they were 1lb13oz (A), 1lb9oz (B) and 1lb11oz (C).  By next Thursday, I am expecting them all to be well over 2lbs each!

For those who have been asking, I included a picture taken at 25 weeks and 3 days.  As you can see, my belly is getting pretty big (and heavy!).