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26 Weeks - Happy 4th of July!

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26 week bellyshot I got some great news at the doctor yesterday!  I went in for my 26 week growth scan and I am happy to report that my babies are huge!  Baby A measured 2lb 4oz; baby B measured 2lb 3 oz and baby C measured 2lb 7oz.  (Yes folks, that’s a total of 6lb 14oz of baby! – Now I know why my back hurts!)  Average fetal weight at 26 weeks is 2lb 0oz, so all of the kids are measuring ahead of average!

The doctor also said that we could tentatively plan on September 10th as a delivery date.  We won’t schedule the c-section until we get closer to the date, but this does mean that I have just 68 days to go until I am a Mom!

I hope that everyone has a fun long weekend planned!  Seth and I have a great weekend planned.  My doctor gave me the go ahead to go to a cookout at Jen’s tonight and a movie later this weekend!  I am so excited to get out of the house for a couple hours!