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28 Weeks - More Growth Updates

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I just got back from my 28 week ultrasound and am proud to report that the kids have kept up their outstanding growth!  They are currently measuring 3lb (Baby A), 2lb 13oz (Baby B), and 2lb 13oz (Baby C).  I am so thankful that they are growing at such a great rate, especially since they only have 54 days left inside me!

IMG_4917.JPG In addition to the babies doing well, my body is holding up so well that Dr. H said that Seth and I could go out to dinner this weekend.  Woohoo … another trip out of the house!

Attached is a quick snap-shot that Seth took of me tonight so that you all could see that the babies aren’t the only ones who are growing fast.  I feel like my belly is growing at an exponential pace!  (I guess that I shouldn’t expect any less considering that there is 8lb 10oz of baby in me.)