The Chislets

You and Me and the Baby makes 5!

33 Weeks Down ... Just 22 Days to Go!!!

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Sorry for the delay in posting updates but the last weeks have been pretty exciting around here.  Well - it may only be considered exciting by someone who has been stuck at the house for the past 13 weeks…but we’ll stick with the term exciting!

The best part of the past week has been that my Mom has been in town taking care of me and getting the house ready for the babies.  She cooked some great meals for Seth and I and spent much of the rest of the time washing and organizing the babies’ clothes, blankets, and nursery.  Thanks to all of her hard work (I can’t even hazard a guess at how many loads of laundry she must have done), our nursery is now officially ready for the Chislets!

Unfortunately, she also had to spend quite a bit of time driving back and forth to the hospital and hanging out with me there.  I blew my contraction threshold last Tuesday morning and had to go back into the hospital for monitoring.  Unlike my last trip to the hospital, I had to stay for 2 nights this time – so I was stuck there from Tuesday morning until Thursday afternoon!

IMG_4942.JPGOn Friday afternoon, Mom and I went to the doctor for my bi-weekly growth ultrasound.  The babies have been growing like crazy since their last measurement.  Baby A measured 4 lbs 14 oz, Baby B measured 3 lbs 15 oz and Baby C measured 4 lbs 8 oz.  Average fetal weight for a singleton at this gestation is right around 4 lbs, so all of the babies are measuring on target or larger.  In addition to great measurements, we were also able to see that Baby A had the hiccups and we could see some hair on Baby B’s head!  Poor Baby C - we were able to see that both Baby A and C have their feet pointed at him.  I hope that he isn’t getting kicked around too much in there!

Mom took me out for a mini-makeover on Saturday morning – I got a new haircut and a pedicure!  I haven’t felt this cute in weeks!  Above is a picture of my new haircut and my huge belly.