The Chislets

You and Me and the Baby makes 5!

The Chislets Have Arrived!!

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I am very proud to announce the Chislets have arrived!  All of the babies and Mom are doing good.

All the Chislets

And without further ado I would like to introduce each of the kids:

Benjamin James Chisamore (AKA “Baby A”) Weight: 6 lb 5 oz Length: 18.5 inches

Ben just chilling

Jacob Louis Chisamore (AKA “Baby B”) Weight: 5 lb 15 oz Length: 17.75 inches

Jacob enjoying a long nap

Grace Marie Chisamore (AKA “Baby C”) Weight: 4 lb 2 oz Length: 16.25 inches

Grace loves her pacifier

Jaclyn and I are extremely grateful for all of the prayers and support we have received over the past 36 weeks…we could not have done it without you, our family and friends!