The Chislets

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Chislet Update: Day 3

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Just wanted to give everyone a quick update on how Ben, Jake and Grace are doing.  After an exciting first day, they have been admitted into the Special Care nursery in order to gain some extra weight and regulate their body temperatures.  This is very common in new triplets as they are often born a bit early.  They are extremely healthy and are referred to as “feeders & growers” as they need to pack on a few extra pounds.  Since Wednesday they have been able to maintain their body temperatures without assistance and have been moved into a single crib together (this is called co-bedding).  According to the consent we had to sign, one funny risk associated with co-bedding is confusion of the triplets – we’re not too worried about confusing the Chislets…they are each developing very distinct personalities.

Aerial view of the Chislets's crib

Mom (Jaclyn) is also doing good.  She is up and walking around, and steals a cuddle with the kids whenever she gets the chance!  We also wanted to thank everyone for the outpouring of congratulations and prayers!