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Pic of the Week

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Since the Chislets’ arrival it seems we have not been writing nearly the number of posts we would like.  One thing that there is not a general lack of is photos of the Chislets…so in the spirit of writing more we have decided to start posting a “pic of the week” (a picture IS worth a thousand words).  The goal here is to highlight a great picture out of the thousands of pictures we have been posting to our Flickr photostream.  We aren’t promising we will make it every week but we will give it our best shot….so maybe we should call this the “best effort pic of the week”…

This weeks picture is very fitting as the temperature has finally started to drop here in Atlanta.  This past week Jaclyn was very excited to pull out the Chislets’ winter coats/onesies and get them all dressed up for their daily walk!  I had to post two pictures so everyone could see the feet on these things:

The Chislets all ready for their first winterAll ready for a walk!

These kids look like they’re straight out of the Röyksopp, “Poor Leno” video (they appear right around the 0:23 second mark):