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The Chislets Are 4 Months Old!

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The Chislets turned 4 months old recently (January 10th). It is amazing how fast they are growing and changing.


The kids also had their 4 month pediatrician checkup last Tuesday.  Here are the official stats for everyone:

  • Benjamin is weighing in at 16 lb. 1 oz. and is measuring 2 feet 1.38 inches long. He is definitely the “big” brother of the bunch – he out weighs his siblings by more than 3 pounds!   He takes in a full 2 ounces more than everyone else at every feeding and he is the first to be able to roll from his tummy to his back on purpose.  (Jake can do this too, but it always happens by accident.)    IMG_0992.CR2IMG_1925Ben in the jumperoo
  • Jacob is weighing in at 12 lb. 15 oz. and is measuring 2 feet 0.75 inches long. He is the chatterbox of the bunch, but I constantly have to keep telling him “I don’t speak Jake.” He is also our first giggler and has a ticklish spot on his left side.  Jake also loves to stick his tongue out at you and finds it hilarious when you stick your tongue out at him. IMG_1458IMG_1924IMG_1478
  • Grace is weighing in at 11 lb. 8 oz. and is measuring 1 foot 10.75 inches long. She is a very happy baby and coos all day long.  She especially loves to get the playmat all to herself – she is the tiniest of the bunch, but she spreads out to take up as much space as possible on the mat!  Grace also enjoys bathtime and absolutey adores getting her hair (what little there is) washed. IMG_1543IMG_0993.CR2IMG_1323

It’s been a fun first four months (how’s that for alliteration), time seems to be flying by and we are trying to soak in every precious moment.