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The Great Chislet Road Trip of '09

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On April 30th, we packed up the “Battle Wagon”, strapped in Ben, Jake and Grace and embarked on the first of many family road trips.  Three 8-month old triplets, 10 days, 2500 miles and 1 trailer…what’s not to love about this plan?! Our trip took us through 10 states and made stops in Collegeville, PA, South Bend, IN, Rochelle, IL and Hannibal, MO. What more can we say about it? WE SURVIVED!!!

All packed for the road trip!Roadtrip view from the backThe boys in the 2nd rowMom and Grace

All kidding aside, we had a great trip.  Here’s a quick re-cap of all our major stops.

Collegeville, PA

Our first stop was Grandmom & Grandpop Carfagno’s house in Collegeville, PA. We are thankful so many relatives and friends were able to brave the rainy weather and welcome the kids to PA for the first time.

Jake getting his first haircutGreat-Grandmom Mimi and Grandmom Carfagno with Ben and GraceUncle Mike with BenAunt B with all the ChisletsCousin Rob with JakeAunt E with all the ChisletsThe whole card group with all the ChisletsUncle Carmen holding GraceBen in Grandpop's swingCousin Michelle with GraceMrs. McGinley with Jake and BenCousins Richard and Cathy holding Jake and Grace

Notre Dame, IN

As you can imagine, we were pretty excited to show the kids around the Notre Dame campus for the first time. This was also our first overnight stay in a hotel with the Chislets.  By the time we unpacked all of our stuff, the room looked more like a daycare than a hotel room!

Dad with the Chislets in front of the DomeIMG_2205Dad with the Chislets in front of the BasilicaIs this a hotel room or daycare?Mom and Ben on the IMG_5063Mom and Ben on the The morning after the Chislets' first night in a hotel room!

Rochelle, IL

Grandma & Grandpa Chisamore were excited to welcome their grandchildren to Rochelle for the first time.  They had fun feeding the Chislets solid foods for the first time and introducing Ben, Jake and Grace to all their friends from work and church. Some great spring weather allowed the Chicago-area Notre Dame crew (plus Jaclyn’s high school friend Kristy) to make it out for a special cookout on Saturday.  We also had Great-Grandparents Chisamore and all the Rochelle-area Aunts, Uncles and Cousins over for a great Mother’s Day celebration.

Grandpa Chisamore playing with some smiling ChisletsJP and BenChristy and Elsie with Jaclyn and JakeThe Boys holding their GirlsGrandparents Chisamore with the ChisletsGreat-Grandpa Chisamore and GraceIMG_5259Grace resting on Aunt Jane

Hannibal, MO

The final stop on our road trip was the Foreman Farm outside of Hannibal, MO.  The farm is home of the Chislets’ Great-Grandmother and Grandpaps Foreman.  There were lots of new things for the kids to see and touch including 5-day old kittens.  As some of you may or may not know, Seth also has three cousins named Ben, Jake and Grace so we were sure to snap a cute pictures of the older versions holding their respective Chislet!

Cousin Elaina feeding GraceGreat-Grandmother Foreman holding JakeCousin Becky, Grandma Chisamore and Aunt Annie holding the ChisletsGrace in the giant bib Aunt Ann made for herCousins Ben, Jake and Grace holding Chislets Ben, Jake and GraceGrandpa Chisamore pushing Ben on the tractorCute Chislets Aunt Ann and Cousin Aaron with JakeCousin Marissa holding BenGreat-Grandpaps Chisamore holding JakeGrandma Chisamore swinging Grace All in all, it was a great trip.  Many fond memories were formed along the way.  We were overjoyed so many family & friends were able to come out and meet the kids…especially since your prayers and support have carried us this far!